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picture by Emmanuel Huybrechts


We welcome you to participate in the 9th NIPS Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning, to be held at: Barcelona, Spain on Dec 10, 2016. Location: Room 112

LOCATION: Room 112

Time Speaker Title
8:15am-8:30amOrganizers Opening Remarks
8:30am-9:15amMaryam Fazel Online Optimization, Smoothing, and Worst-case Competitive Ratio[abstract]
9:15am-9:30amGuilherme Franca and Jose Bento Markov Chain Lifting and Distributed ADMM
9:30am-11:00amPOSTER SESSION (including coffee break 10:30am - 11:00am)
11:00am-11:45amSebastien Bubeck Kernel-based Methods for Bandit Convex Optimization[abstract]
11:45am-12:00pmGauthier Gidel, Tony Jebara and Simon Lacoste-Julien Frank-Wolfe Algorithms for Saddle Point Problems
12:00pm-2:00pmLunch Break
2:00pm-2:45pmNicolas Boumal Semidefinite Programs with a Dash of Smoothness: Why and When the Low-Rank Approach Works[abstract]
2:45pm-3:00pmHongzhou Lin, Julien Mairal and Zaid Harchaoui QuickeNing: A Generic Quasi-Newton Algorithm for Faster Gradient-Based Optimization
3:00pm-4:30pmPOSTER SESSION (including coffee break 3:00pm - 3:30pm)
4:30pm-5:15pmOhad Shamir Oracle Complexity of Second-Order Methods for Finite-Sum Problems[abstract]
5:15pm-5:30pmSurbhi Goel, Varun Kanade, Adam Klivans and Justin Thaler Reliably Learning the ReLU in Polynomial Time